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Prior to launching their new website, ComfortCare Homes needed help meeting their business goals by capturing more qualified leads. Focusing our efforts on differentiation in the market place, we clarified their brand expression, moved to an inbound marketing strategy, and implemented a campaign that included owned, earned, shared, and paid media. The result, an increase of over 17.5k in new site visits, leading to over 200 phone call conversions.


Greater Differentiation and Brand Awareness | As dementia care is offered in a greater number of assisted living and nursing homes, the need for clear differentiation of services becomes more important. A lack of accepted industry and government standards and terminology leads to a wide variety of choices for the consumer, with many lacking in quality due to organizations providing ‘memory care’ as an add-on service but offering minimal or no specialized training of support staff.

ComfortCare Homes needed to push through the overwhelming amount of consumer options and position themselves as the clear subject matter expert who could provide the most qualified care, helping them increase engagement and ultimately, conversion.


Integrated Digital Campaign and Clarified Messaging | Howerton+White was tasked with bringing the previous outbound marketing into an inbound strategy. Our team, in collaboration with ComfortCare Homes’ leadership, worked through our Brandstacking™ process to clarify their voice and visual brand expression. This clarity was applied to articles and posts, landing pages, and our paid media efforts.

Inbound Marketing Successfully shifted a stifled outbound strategy to a more nimble and responsive inbound strategy.

Customer Engagement Audience analysis and customer journey mapping.

Audience Reach Google Search and Display Ads campaigns targeting category and branded keywords and geographic locations.

Landing Page Developed a landing page with specific messaging supporting important buying triggers, accessible content, and easy to fill out contact forms.

Campaign Optimization Through analysis, we created different segments based on the level of engagement and conversions. The campaign improved efficiency and leads generated by refining the audience, content testing and improvement, and budget optimization.


Transforming ComfortCare Homes Online Presence | ComfortCare Homes clearly possessed strong thought leadership and a unique understanding of the challenges facing dementia care providers, however, the effective articulation of this expertise across social channels demanded a stronger public relations effort. Howerton+White facilitated outreach to local and national news outlets, developing a content strategy that focused on in-depth articles highlighting president Doug Stark’s deep knowledge of dementia and best care practices. By implementing an integrated campaign, we successfully brought potential leads to the optimized landing page, containing the most relevant information from ComfortCare Homes’ website, while clearly emphasizing the click-to-call CTA.



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