Space Race Hazy IPA

Beer Blast


Brand a beer on a mission to benefit a museum and stand out in a crowded space.


Named, labeled, and launched a brew with shelf appeal and merchandise to match.





Space Race standee image

A Plot Brews

Cosmosphere International Sci-Ed Center and Space Museum is home to the largest collection of U.S. and Soviet-era space artifacts in the world. It’s in Hutchinson, Kan., which is also home to one of the most ambitious breweries on the planet, Salt City Brewing.

Together, they put out a brew — Space Race Hazy IPA — that celebrates space exploration. The museum benefits from brand awareness and partial proceeds from beer and branded merchandise sales. 

Salt City Brewing made it taste great. H+W made it look out of this world.

"Developing a Cosmosphere branded micro-brew had always been something the Cosmosphere was interested in. When we decided to finally explore the possibility of a Cosmosphere branded beer, H+W immediately came to mind as the partner to collaborate with. H+W's experience with product development, branding, packaging and merchandising  made the selection of the agency an easy one. As the Cosmosphere set out on this new endeavour, the project team at the Cosmosphere new H+W would expertly guide us through the process."

"Building a brand for a new craft beer built on the shoulders of a museum collection may sound like a muddled objective, but H+W made it work. They understood how to position the beer and how to tell the story of the Cosmosphere because they listened carefully. They stopped along the way to ensure they understood. And the result is one of my favorite brands ever."

Space Race beer can label image

Can-do Spirit

Packaging the goods meant listing more than the ingredients — it meant connecting the science of beer-making with space exploration. “Spectacular moments happen when powerful ingredients combine,” the label reads in part. It also lists fun facts about the space race. Do you know how many years the Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the Moon will last? Read the label.

Space Race coasters image

Raising a Glass and Awareness

Branded coasters, tap handles, glassware, and other giveaways help to promote the museum and the beer.

Space Race branded invite image

Launching a Video

A dramatic rocket launch sequence is juxtaposed with Space Race cans being filled, labeled, and sent out into the world for a video teasing the brew and the Cosmosphere partnership launch.

Space Race hats image

Space Race Gear

We created a line of Space Race wearables, including T-shirts, hats, patches, and pins, that are more than stylish — they are income-generating products for sale on the Cosmosphere’s e-commerce site.

Space Race shirts image
Space Race sidewalk poster image
Space Race window cling image
Space Race tap process image

Collateral and Displays

Our creative team designed smart, fun, branded visual displays and marketing materials to help Space Race Hazy IPA achieve lift off.