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Successful marketing should be seamless | No matter when or how a consumer engages with your brand, every interaction should be consistent, designed to move them closer to you. When done right, it seems easy. In reality, this approach requires effective design and messaging, targeted media, and the right marketing technology. At Howerton+White we bring together all of these elements to create integrated solutions for strengthened brand experiences and business success.


We build and strengthen brands by weaving together strategy, design, and content for coherent, compelling expressions of who you are, what you do, and—most importantly— why it matters to your audience.


We simplify the complex and deliver results. Our team positions brands for clear differentiation across industry landscapes and designs layered media plans to reach, engage, and convert target audiences.


We deliver research-based solutions, seamlessly integrated to power your products and platforms. Partner with us for user-centric experiences, optimized for your audience to meet business goals.


Companies may still make products, but today modern brands sell experiences. As consumers, we demand brands to be responsive to our preferred communication and delivery channels. The best brands embody great service, user-centric sensibility, consistency, and authenticity. The way a product works is only one part of success. The way a brand experience unfolds is now the focus.


That’s why Howerton+White has built an agency around helping create brand experiences to fulfill business strategies and meet customer expectations. Aligning brand elements, refining visual vernacular, crafting user interfaces and responding to consumer research is our craft. We are most successful with clients who understand that marketing is about telling a story so compelling your consumers will want to be part of it.


Effective consumer engagement starts with a beautiful brand foundation and stretches to well-earned word-of-mouth. We deliver the words and images, development and design, media strategy and placement, and measurement and results required today. Success includes turning engagements into conversions and positioning your brand as the expert in your market.


A Digital Agency from the Beginning

Howerton+White began as an interactive agency in 2002 before most agencies were focused on online tools. Discussions about effective websites led to helping companies integrate marketing and business strategies, strengthen brand voice and visuals, leverage new technology, and apply analysis to ever-increasing amounts of data. Platforms and channels continue to evolve, and so do we, while remaining focused on delivering holistic, big brand thinking.

Nicole Howerton
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Ken White
Founder, Chief Financial Officer
Bryan Malone
Chief Operations Officer

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