Celebrating Possibility People: Welcome to the New Brand for Downtown Wichita

For an agency anchored in the center of the city, few projects could align better with Howerton+White’s passions and focus than rebranding and launching a new site to promote Downtown Wichita.

The name itself was the first step. Formerly called Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, the H+W simplified the name to pinpoint the focus of the organization and remove the barrier of unpacking, “WDDC.”

Next, the agency conducted extensive research into the challenges and trends of Millennial, Gen X and Boomer residents, investors and visitors in a mid-size Downtown setting.

Applying the findings, H+W identified a specific brand persona to create the framework for internal communications and marketing messages. Building on Downtown Wichita’s position as a change agent working to make the dream of a strong vibrant urban core a reality, H+W began to develop tools for expanding public awareness of, and interest in, the realities and possibilities of Downtown.

The overall brand is supported by the positioning line, “Commerce and Culture at the Core.” The brand promise, “Possibility People” further outlines the group’s mission and legacy in the community. By harnessing authentic, possibility-oriented stories about current realities in Wichita’s core, H+W helped Downtown Wichita’s key audiences identify with Downtown as a place to Discover, Live, Work and Invest.

Building a visual identity and a body of stories for the web around these key themes–commerce, culture and possibility people — H+W positioned Downtown Wichita to more efficiently and creatively communicate with diverse audiences as they continue to deliver essential resources and relevant information about ongoing progress at the heart of the city.