H+W's Alan Kennedy Participates in the Wichita Business Journal's Emerging Leaders Program

Over the next week I’ll be taking part in a three-day conference at the Kansas Leadership Center as part of the Wichita Business Journal’s Emerging Leaders Program. As a person with a passion for civic engagement, I’m excited by the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills while meeting other people interested in making an impact in our community.

As the program begins, it’s given me the chance to reflect on my own encounters with inspirational leaders and the impact they’ve had on both my life and professional ambitions. Thinking back on my childhood experiences in 4-H, and my current role as platform strategist at Howerton+White, it’s apparent that I’ve had the good fortune to benefit from leaders who could answer questions and provide valuable insight, whether about properly posing a rabbit or how to work together to build a community.

Because of this diverse and continuous string of exposure to inspirational leadership, I feel prepared and energized to join with the next group of community leaders as we shape the future of our growing community.

Thank you Howerton+White for sponsoring my participation in this program and to the Wichita Business Journal for providing this and many other professional development opportunities to our community.