Design That Makes a Difference

Howerton+White is a proud partner of the KU School of Medicine-Wichita. The school provides hands-on clinical training to medical students and serves the community with clinics throughout the state. Our healthcare marketing strategy and expertise help the school promote itself and its graduates to regional medical providers. Additionally, our publication design work serves as a platform to broadcast the school’s expertise, value, and accomplishments to alums, stakeholders, and community members.

One example of our work with the school is an impactful issue of Embark KU Medicine, a publication that showcases student achievements and highlights the school’s offerings. The issue features the WeDoctorKansas campaign’s success in raising awareness of KUSM-W’s medical education programs. 

The school, ranked sixth in the nation for producing primary care physicians, provides high-quality education to its medical students and graduates a high-caliber of doctors every year. WeDoctorKansas is an effective campaign highlighting this work, which has an important regional impact.

Our cover designs follow the compelling story of the WeDoctorKansas campaign, using rich primary colors to evoke inspiring beginnings and confident forward momentum. We didn’t stop at the first page — we also created an internal layout that elevates the information without overpowering the writing. Stylish infographics provide unobtrusive context and help guide the reader from the first page to the last.

Throughout the design process, we look for that moment where we’re as enchanted with the work as we hope a reader seeing it for the first time will be. We constantly strive to realize that magical connection between the brand and its audience, when the brand story becomes the shared story, and customers turn into communities.