Annual Reports That Perform Beyond Their Years

An impactful annual report is more than a yearbook. It’s a strategic tool that communicates an organization’s mission, vision, and values, and builds trust and credibility with investors, employees, and customers. At Howerton+White, we don’t just create annual reports, we craft unique expressions of our clients’ identities. Our recent collaboration with a pair of regional partners is a testament to our customized approaches, each report being a source of inspiration in its own right.

The Cosmosphere, a space museum and science education center, has a unique story to tell, and Howerton+White is in a unique position to tell it. We’re a strategic partner of the center, effectively serving as its chief marketing officer. Over recent years, we have worked closely with their team on campaigns to boost awareness and drive attendance to its attractions and educational offerings. When it was time to produce an annual report for the museum, we were already on the same page.

Howerton+White is part of the Comsosphere team, an extension of this organization,said Jim Remar, Cosmosphere president and CEO. We are really hitting our stride with this model, and I look forward to further development as we continue to grow together.

Our team crafted a stunning annual report for the Cosmosphere, incorporating captivating visuals that vividly depict the organization’s impact and reach locally and nationally as it tells the story of humankind’s exploration of space. The report also highlights the science center’s STEM-focused mission, featuring endorsements from teachers, students, a U.S. senator, and astronauts, all praising the organization’s educational value.

An annual report project for the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce was an opportunity to collaborate with an organization and help its team get the project across the finish line. By outsourcing the design to our team, the chamber produced a professional, polished report that elevates the community and its chamber members.

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