5 Keys to Successful Digital Marketing

As a strategic marketing agency Howerton+White takes a data-driven approach in delivering all of our services, including media plans and placement. We match tactics to specific audiences to increase efficiency and engagement. To help guide you in your media efforts, here are the basic five steps we feel are crucial to receiving a successful return-on-investment for your media spend.

Use research to make informed decisions regarding your audiences. This step will help you better understand how to target your audiences and allow you to optimize the message to each, on the right channels, at the right time. Some example questions to ask include: On what platforms does your audience spend their time? What are your audiences’ struggles? What problem(s) can you solve? What are your audience demographics? How does each audience spend their time and money? These questions will help define a well-researched customer and audience profile.

An effective digital marketing campaign includes a complete map of the full customer journey, from awareness to engagement to conversion and retention. Each step should be matched with appropriate digital channels. For instance, display ads and social video ads cast a wide net and are affordable top-of-funnel options. (Contact H+W more specific recommendations for every level of the sales and marketing funnel.)

Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results (SERP). Many factors contribute to a search engine’s algorithm, which is why optimization and content marketing will help support both short- and long-term success. When creating content, add quality information on a consistent basis, craft effective headlines, and use keywords strategically.

Go beyond the first round of content development by constantly reviewing how your audience is responding to your messaging and optimize accordingly. Whether on your landing page, social media profiles, or ad platforms, updated content will ensure you continue to deliver informative and engaging content to a receptive audience.

Review data through a strategic lens, looking beyond the basics like reach and clicks. Focus on what the data is telling you about how your audience is engaging with your content to find applicable insights and next steps for your campaigns and messaging. The data will always tell a story; the key is being able to see the patterns.

Applying a strategic process to digital marketing helps increase effectiveness and, while requiring more work and cost upfront to craft a plan, offers efficiencies and greater results as campaigns unfold. Contact Howerton+White for digital marketing strategies to fit your business and customer needs. Reach us at or call 316.262.6644.