How We Think

“We work hard and play well with others. We create collaborative, long-term relationships. We use personal passions to fuel professional creativity. We practice true teamwork and treat each other and clients with respect. And we try to have as much fun as possible along the way.”
— Bryan Malone, Principal, Co-Creative Director and Broadcast Director


+ We work best when we work together, inviting clients to be part of our creative process.
+ We strive to be accepting of all, open to all ideas and people.
+ We are adaptable to inevitable and unforeseen events and challenges.


+ Everything we do is centered on producing results for our clients.
+ We approach all assignments with strategic recommendations unique to the situation.


+ Honesty and transparency are hallmarks of the way we do business.
+ We share information readily and openly, which builds mutual loyalty.
+ We build trust through the dependable delivery of distinctive work, every day.


We prize professional and personal creativity, surrounding ourselves with tools that energize our sense of exploration to deliver unique creative solutions for each client.

Collectively and individually we celebrate unbridled passion for the discipline of advertising, community involvement and life-affirming pursuits.

We work hard and we value play. Fun is an important ingredient fueling our passion, innovation and creativity.

Knowledge & Wisdom

Our agency hires only the most qualified, experienced and talented employees, creating a team of highly effective professionals who apply their expertise to all we do.

Our knowledge of industry trends, target audiences, marketing tools and the general pulse of the culture are vital to producing distinctive, award-winning work.

Everything Starts with Strategy
Great advertising is effective advertising. It may win awards. It may or may not be funny. You may like it or not. If a piece of advertising reaches its intended audience, makes a positive impression, and helps build the brand in the consumer’s mind, it works. And to make advertising work, developing an on-target strategy is a must. Let’s dig in.
New Brand Identity
A fall musical weekend gives non-artists a chance to explore new instruments, the arts and the great outdoors. It's WoodFest, Free Range Music and Fun.
Environmental Design
H+W designed a three-dimensional display for Spirit AeroSystems at the Eisenhower National Airport. Bright color, movement and video all work together to further the brand.
Marketing Trends
Online video content keeps growing.
It's now 50% of all mobile traffic. From
consumer brands to b2b, H+W is delivering engaging content, tailored for each brand.
Change Your Logo Without Changing Everything. How do you know when to keep a logo, update a logo, or completely redesign a logo?
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