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WDDC needed a look and a message to capture the exciting progress of Wichita’s downtown. As downtown Wichita develops a Master Plan, the site will inform current and potential residents about the progress. Visitors are invited to join public forums, blog about downtown issues and sign up for e-news updates.

Mobile Interactive
WDDC: “Where to Park?” Campaign

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Howerton+White worked with WDDC and the City of Wichita to develop an online interactive map... then a mobile version of the map for use on smartphones. Both versions of the map allow users to quickly find parking lots available for downtown events, area restaurants, hotels, shops and more. Where to park? Go to

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Keeping web content fresh is vital. H+W’s content management system provides the ability for clients to edit page content as easily as updating a Word document. Place photos, photo galleries and videos. Take control of page titles, search engine settings, admin settings and settings to manage users. Our sites make telling your story easy.

Annual Report

Tying into the revamped WDDC website, H+W incorporated the visual brand elements found online in all print and marketing pieces, too. Beginning with an inaugural annual lecture series event, H+W created the theme “Momentum” for all WDDC efforts related to downtown revitalization. This was the theme for the 2009 Annual Report. Vibrant, bold and exciting colors and images helped build excite­ment for the momentous effort ahead.

Direct Mail
WDDC: “Momentum” / Master Plan Events

H+W created postcards, full-color print ads and email invitations for each event in the Master Plan process. In this way, WDDC was able to “build momentum” for each and every event with timely communications to their target audiences.

Print Ads
WDDC: “Momentum” / Master Plan Events

WDDC ads, postcards and emails also included a signature headline style. Beginning with the annual meeting in 2009, the word “Momentum” became the theme of WDDC efforts. And, within this word, “Moment” was bolded to highlight the message that “this is the moment” for Wichita to move forward with downtown revitalization. Subsequent ads, emails and postcards followed this message and type treatment.

Print Ad

The Intrust Bank Arena opened in downtown Wichita in January 2010. H+W created a print ad for WDDC, one of the driving forces behind the arena, to announce the grand opening. The ad was an opportunity to further posi­tion WDDC as a force of good in the city’s center, helping to provide “front row” access to top-tier enter­tain­ment and attractions.

WDDC: “Where to Park?” Campaign

H+W helped make it easy for downtown visitors to find parking. The “Where To Park?” campaign included a graphic representation of the question: ?2P. The campaign included an online interactive map, a mobile version of the map, billboards, parking lot signage, bus transit signage and free printed maps.

WDDC: “Where to Park?” Campaign

H+W developed a system of portable signs for use at the entrance to down­town parking lots. Because many lots are available only for certain events and on certain days, the sign­age needed to be easily trans­ported, and reflect various prices. Designed primarily for wayfinding, the signs also have great curb appeal. They portray the same look as the campaign, making it easy to go from printed map to online mobile map to an open parking spot.

WDDC: “Where to Park?” Campaign

H+W, the City of Wichita and WDDC created printed maps, free to the public, available at all area QuikTrip stores. The simple, one-fold brochure carried the then-recognizable ?2P graphic also seen on billboards and signage. Inside, a detailed map continued the color scheme of the online interactive map, helping educate residents about the options for event parking downtown.

Transit Signage
WDDC: “Where to Park?” Campaign

H+W secured a new URL — — to redirect visitors to the existing interactive map page on WDDC’s website, Bus ads helped create awareness of the URL, and encouraged use of city transit from parking lots to the event venues.

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Wichita Downtown Development Corporation

As with many downtowns across America, Wichita is making strides to revitalize the area and make the core of the city vibrant once again. H+W has created a revitalized brand for Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, as well.

When a new downtown arena sparked public interest and media attention on downtown parking, H+W helped WDDC and the City of Wichita make finding available parking easy. The “Where To Park?” marketing campaign included a graphic representation of the question: ?2P. The campaign included an online interactive map, a mobile version of the map, billboards, parking lot signage, bus transit signage and free printed maps throughout the city.

WDDC is also spearheading the effort for a downtown Master Plan. It’s vital to engage business leaders, downtown residents and the general public in the process of creating the plan. H+W developed an ad template and look that connected all marketing efforts and messaging about these events, employing print ads, postcard direct mailings and email invitations. The effort has been highly successful, with attendance at Master Plan events greater than anticipated.

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