Brand Awareness | Internal Print Communications
Credit Union of America: Culture Book

H+W created a “Welcome to Friendly” Culture Book, an introduction to the ways CUA welcomes members. Branding from the inside of an organ­i­za­tion first is a primary goal for H+W. Aside from being a fun and appreciated gift to all employees, the book became an educational tool to help CUA staff adopt similar brand language, helping to promote the strength of the brand through relationships with members.

Brand Awareness | Television
Credit Union of America:
“Welcome to Friendly”

Howerton+White, through its
pro­prietary branding process, created
the message “Welcome to Friendly” to describe the qualities members valued most about CUA staff who become real-life friends. As part of an overall campaign, three television spots were created, each featuring the staff of CUA and highlighting the relationships they have with members.

Product Campaign | Television
Credit Union of America:

Members of Credit Union of America value the unpretentious expertise
and friendly service they receive. Television spots were designed to capture the back-and-forth, relaxed way CUA employees and customers related. After all, nothing is more welcoming than honest advice delivered with a smile from someone you know and trust.

Product Campaign | Television
Credit Union of America:
“Mobile Banking”

In keeping with the “Welcome to Friendly” theme for Credit Union of America, the introduction of mobile banking services reflected the unimposing culture customers appreciate. Reaching out to younger customers was a key goal. The spot follows the series’ simplicity and
friendly banter to roll out a new level
of convenience.

Product Campaign | Television
Credit Union of America:
“Mortgage Lending”

One of the important elements of Credit Union of America’s success is helping to make the home-buying process as easy and friendly as possible. An entire team of mortgage lenders is featured here, along with an actual staff member whose family is obviously growing and in need of a larger home. 

Product Campaign | Outdoor
Credit Union of America:
“Mobile Banking”

Other financial institutions had already introduced mobile banking services in the market, so it was important to roll out the new service for CUA members with a distinct look and feel. The denim texture is another nod to the easy, friendly culture of the credit union.
And the simple message of “You go. We go.” quickly communicated the benefits of mobile banking.

Product Campaign | In-House Collateral
Credit Union of America:
“Mobile Banking”

The most eager and likely users of mobile banking were younger CUA members and prospects. A series of posters was created to reflect key features and benefits of the service, including automatic text alerts, and funds transfers. The casual, denim-clad portraits are the opposite of stuffy, and designed to relate to the lives and needs of members.

Brand Awareness | Customer Newsletter
Credit Union of America:
“Friend 2 Friend”

Every communications element is part of a total brand. Here, the members’ newsletter received a facelift with a
new title, “Friend 2 Friend,” that once again supports the “Welcome to Friendly” position. The design is bright and features large images that help members connect to services and staff.

Brand Awareness | Customer Newsletter
Credit Union of America:
“Friend 2 Friend”

Every communications element is part of a total brand. Here, the members’ newsletter received a facelift with a
new title, “Friend 2 Friend,” that once again supports the “Welcome to Friendly” position. The design is bright and features large images that help members connect to services and staff.

Product Campaign | Direct Mail
Credit Union of America:
“Auto Loans”

Making CUA services simple and accessible extends to all advertising. Here, a summer loan campaign provides the call to action: “Ready. Set. Go.” The “GO” image evokes a stick shift and though a vehicle isn’t seen, the visual immediately communicates cars and auto loans.

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Credit Union of America

As the second-largest credit union in Kansas, Credit Union of America was in a unique position to leverage success into broader, deeper and longer-lasting customer growth and loyalty. Howerton+White, through customer and industry research, identified a clear niche in the market, unclaimed, and one that just happened to be how members described CUA — friendly, like family.

“Welcome to Friendly” became the credit union’s new promise to members and prospects. The phrase treats “friendly” as a place, specifically any CUA location and service. Here, members find the help and services they need delivered with a relaxed, friend-to-friend attitude.

A strong visual approach to the brand was also important. The open white backgrounds of television spots, posters, direct mail and brochures are always accompanied by short, simple headlines — all of which is designed to keep the brand as friendly and open-looking as the service itself.

At Credit Union of America “friendly” is more than a way of being. Friendly is a place. Welcome to Friendly.

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