Strategic Planning

“Sometimes before embarking on a new campaign or brand launch, a company finds it’s wise to revisit strategic plans. At H+W we can facilitate this process, or recommend colleagues to help you identify and build internal consensus. Reaffirming who you are, prioritizing internal and external demands — these elements are crucial to effective marketing.”
— Sheree Nikkel Gerig, Senior Brand Strategist

Howerton+White partners with each client to assess goals and deliver strategies and campaigns that are designed to target the right audiences in the most effective ways.

By meeting with your decision-makers, we can address the challenges and goals of each client or any specific project. We will form our marketing strategy recommendations by talking through solutions together. This may involve research, facilitated employee meetings, or a full- or half-day planning retreat.

Introducing Brandstacking

We’ve found that some companies and organizations scatter their marketing efforts in all directions, hoping each toss of the stone into the puddle of prospects hits its mark. And while limited success can be achieved with these random, individual efforts, sustained brand awareness and strength can only be achieved by bringing together all actions within a cohesive marketing strategy.

Brandstacking is H+W’s proprietary process for making an often subjective and meandering process an objective and linear one. We think there is a method to building a successful brand that is simple, but requires determined focus. We think building your brand requires key foundational elements, and that once these are in place you can build up the components... stacking additional elements on top of what you already have in place.

We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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New Brand Identity
A fall musical weekend gives non-artists a chance to explore new instruments, the arts and the great outdoors. It's WoodFest, Free Range Music and Fun.
Environmental Design
H+W designed a three-dimensional display for Spirit AeroSystems at the Eisenhower National Airport. Bright color, movement and video all work together to further the brand.
Agency News
Please help us welcome two employees,
Art Director Dustin Commer and Account Executive/Brand Manager Doug Minson - now part of the Howerton+White team.
Marketing Trends
Online video content keeps growing.
It's now 50% of all mobile traffic. From
consumer brands to b2b, H+W is delivering engaging content, tailored for each brand.
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